Dons Draw: top 3 winners

Wed 19 Apr 2017

How to enter club fundraiser for next month

The Dons Draw for April has been made and we are delighted to announce the top-three prize winners.

1st prize of £1000 - ticket 0241 - Howard Galley - KT19        

2nd prize of £500 - ticket 1554 - Neil Taylor - KT3   

3rd prize of £250 - ticket 0197 - Nick Tyrrell - HP13    

Congratulations to all! The next draw will be made around 15 May.

Operating since 2004, the volunteer-run Dons Draw has paid out an incredible £250,000 in prizes and has raised over £700,000 for the club.

Proceeds from the draw will help to realise our ambition of having the most productive football academy in South London, producing the stars of AFC Wimbledon's future. And you’re over 10,000 times more likely to win than in the Lotto Jackpot!

For more information about the Dons Draw and how to enter, please visit  or contact us at  .

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