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Thu 16 Aug 2012

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iPad compatibility

We have had a number of questions about the new Dons Player web site not being able to support iPads so we have spoken to FLi to generate the following questions and answers:


Q   If I have an iPad and I want to hear AFC Wimbledon match broadcasts, see ‘AFC Wimbledon videos’, and access other premium content, how do I do it?   And can I do it now?


A    You will only be able to access the video content via an app designed for the iPhone.  There is a similar app for Android devices. The iPhone app will work on the iPad, although the images may appear a little stretched. The apps do not yet support AFC Wimbledon but will do so in the very near future


Q   Will it cost me the same as a subscription to the Dons Player? If not, what will be the costs?


A    Since the content is limited the price of the app is £1.49 per month


Q    Will I have access to the same content as on Dons Player? If not will I be able to do so in the future and are there any dates for this?

A    No, only video content is currently available on the mobile applications. The live broadcasts are only accessible on Mac and PC.    FLi aims to make all content available on iPads and equivalent devices, but at present there is no published delivery date

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