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AFCW Foundation

AFCW Foundation logoIn March 2014 the Club formally launched the AFC Wimbledon Foundation, the charitable foundation that coordinates the various community projects in which the Club is involved.

Since its formation in 2002, the Club has always sought to deliver a broad range of community projects, and the AFC Wimbledon Foundation will continue this work with local organisations to address issues around education, health, social inclusion and unemployment for people of all ages in Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston.

Success off the pitch

In the year before the Foundation was formed, more than 300 people associated with the Club were involved in organising and delivering a wide range of events and programmes. The vast majority of these were unpaid volunteers, and the activities collectively comprised over 900 hours of community engagement.

One of its biggest projects involves the High Path Community Resource Centre in South Wimbledon, a day centre that helps people with learning disabilities. High Path regularly brings people from the centre to AFC Wimbledon games and the group's activities have involved creating flags at matches and even forming a band that performed the 'We Are Wimbledon' song for the crowd.

A more recent community initiative is the Foundation's partnership with the Street League Academy, a national organisation that seeks to provide opportunities for unemployed people between the ages of 16 and 25.

Strong foundations

Since its launch the Foundation has doubled in size, both in terms of staffing and programmes that it provides. It now reaches out to over 600 primary school children every week through its coaching opportunities and continues its dedicated work throughout the community.

Find out more about the AFC Wimbledon Foundation.