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Dons Trust

Maintaining supporter ownership of a successful, financially stable, professional football club playing at the heart of our communities, The Dons Trust is the not-for-profit organisation that owns AFC Wimbledon.

We are committed to safeguarding a strong voice for supporters in the decision making process at the club, and to strong links between the club and the community of Wimbledon and surrounding areas.

To find out more about us, please visit The Dons Trust website.

AFC Wimbledon's constitution

AFC Wimbledon Limited is 100 per cent owned by AFCW PLC which is, in turn, 77% owned by Wimbledon Football Club Supporters Society Limited, generally known as The Dons Trust.

No individual has a significant interest in either The Dons Trust or AFCW PLC.

Dons Trust news

Club News

New appointments to the DT’s Election Steering Group

10 September 2020

Following a decision by John Dolan to stand down as Chair of the Trust’s Election Steering Group, the Dons Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of two new volunteers to the ESG.

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Club News

Dons Trust Board Announcement

7 September 2020

Mark Davis, Chair of the Dons Trust Board, has advised the DTB of his intention to stand down at the 2020 AGM.

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Club News

New Minority Investor - FAQs

3 June 2020

Further to the stadium announcement on 28 May, The Dons Trust have produced an FAQ document seeking to answer your questions about our new minority investor and how the share sale affects ownership...

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Club News

The Dons Trust Board is seeking a Treasurer

18 May 2020

The Trust’s Treasurer, Mukesh Desai, has decided to stand down, owing to the conflicting pressures of his day-job and performing the role of Treasurer.

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