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Socia Media Guidelines for Fans

AFC Wimbledon recognises that fans and third parties run personal social pages on the internet and that social networking sites are an important way of interacting.

Indeed, we accept and embrace the working and promotional benefits social media can bring as a tool in all areas of life - and acknowledge our reliance on social media to engage with fans, the local community and generally promote the Club.

We provide numerous opportunities for fans and third parties to discuss items that we publish and debate issues that we cover. In this capacity, our function is to provide an environment whereby fans and third parties feel they can contribute while also enabling as many as possible to get involved on a regular basis.

However, for this to operate in the spirit it is intended, we need to establish some ground rules to guarantee our environment remains safe, totally inclusive and completely inoffensive.

These guidelines explain our expectations and the standards of behaviour we expect from fans and third parties. They are designed to clarify our approach to community interaction and include the moderation of comments and other content submitted by fans and third parties.

For the avoidance of doubt, we define social media as any type of interactive online tool which enables instant communication between parties. This includes, but is not limited to, social forums, messaging exchange applications, blogs, video and profile-related websites, and emails.

Our guidelines specifically apply to whenever fans engage in discussions on the Club social medial channels, as listed below:

AFC Wimbledon

The Dons Trust

AFC Wimbledon Academy

AFC Wimbledon Ladies

AFC Wimbledon Foundation


AFC Wimbledon reserves the right to monitor the use of its official social media platforms and take appropriate action against any misuse that may be determined as a safeguarding issue, or anything that brings the name of the Club, and its associated employees, into disrepute.

AFC Wimbledon recognises that, by using social media platforms, the club and its employees can be open to criticism and abuse.

The Club has a duty to support the welfare of staff who experience abuse in this manner. This includes all Club staff, stakeholders, management and playing staff, the Dons Trust and AFC Wimbledon volunteers.

AFC Wimbledon will not tolerate harassment, bullying, abuse or victimisation of an individual on social media platforms. In line with our Equality Policy discrimination will also not be tolerated and this is defined as follows:

  • Racism;
  • Offensive or hostile comments towards a religious group or belief;
  • Homophobia;
  • Transphobia;
  • Misogynistic or sexist (demeaning to the opposite gender) language;
  • Jokes or comments which ridicule any disability, tragedy or any other suffering which is likely to hurt or distress;
  • Anything that is abusive or insulting, including the use of offensive swear words (even if some of the letters are blanked out);
  • Any threats that have reference to violence or physical harm.


AFC Wimbledon and the Dons Trust will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.

In the first instance, and where possible, the behaviour will be addressed with the individual, who will be asked - and agree to - the inappropriate comments being removed.

In the second instance, and where possible, if the individual can't be identified or does not agree to the inappropriate comments being removed, a modifier will assess the situation and - if necessary - remove the offensive content. Finally, if the offensive behaviour continues, the fan may be barred from the Club.

Please note that if we conclude that an offensive post is serious enough, we will immediately block the user from access to our social media accounts. 

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