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AFCW Business Club

AFCW Business Club logo

The AFC Wimbledon Business Club is a new initiative which aims to bring together the common interests of the club’s partners, sponsors, fans and community.

The variety and exclusiveness of the Club's monthly events, held at a range of different venues, are what make it unique, creating atmospheres that foster business opportunities.

Some of these events will involve our partners, making available their facilities and, especially, their expertise.

Furthermore, they give Club members the opportunity to pitch sales and projects to the club at what is an extremely exciting time, with the go-ahead of the move to our new stadium.

At last, Wimbledon's football club is coming home to Wimbledon.

A great feature of the Business Club is the wide diversity of sectors represented: construction, travel, electrical, health and fitness, legal, IT, consulting, printing, chemical, retail, media, marketing, entertainment, financial, automotive and many more.

Bringing Club members together in order to socialise and do business is our aim, and we hope it will create great opportunities for all involved going forward. The Business Club website offers brand exposure and interaction with our fanbase, some giving special buyer offers to AFC Wimbledon fans and partners. Visit the AFCW Business Club website to find out about our members and further information.

Associating with local businesses and strengthening networks between companies and the club's partners will lead to benefits for both club and community in the long term.

Membership costs £500+VAT and gives access to our monthly events, as well as promotion through our website and other social media channels.

If you are interested in joining the Business Club or have any questions, please contact Pietro Palladino at or 0208 547 3336.

Stay tuned for all the latest on our events and activities at our media channels below.