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Why MettleFlo?

MettleFlo hnad

​Life is challenging and often unpredictable. Everything can change in a moment. Sometimes we find ourselves in long periods of struggle. We all aspire to a meaningful happy life. To feel appreciated, to have aspirational goals, to have good friends and to fulfil your purpose.

In their work with students, patients and clients in distress they became disillusioned with only helping one person at a time. Therefore, with the support of AFC Wimbledon Education Hub and their partners, The Learning Rooms, MettleFlo began to create a range of courses in order to help a larger number of people, where participants can incorporate what they learn into their lives and experience practical changes.

Mettle – describes a persons ability to cope and adapt to difficult situations and challenges, it involves our emotions and mental state, our physical condition and energy flow and our strength of spirit.

Flo – relates to the unstoppable forward momentum carrying us through life.

MettleFlo's Vision

We live in a rapidly changing world. Mental resilience and well-being are more important than ever, and MettleFlo create and deliver products and services that make a meaningful difference.

We envisage a world where individuals proactively manage their ongoing psychological health, and support the growth and development of others. We view difficult life experiences as potential sources of strength rather than deficiencies and problems to be overcome. This will involve helping individuals to value themselves and others, and to share their unique talents and abilities in a collaborative way.

We’re constantly innovating and developing new courses and using technologies (digital platforms, websites, and apps) to better serve our community.

Featured Course: Resillience

Utilising cutting-edge technologies such as web platforms, online courses, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, we offer a multifaceted approach to empower individuals and organisations alike.

A six-session, automated online course delivered through secure and user-friendly platforms. The Resillence course can be accessed via secure websites, Microsoft Teams offering flexibility and convenience to students, allowing them to conviently complete the course in their own time and at their own speed.. 

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