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The Learning Rooms

Why The Learning Rooms?

theLearningRoomsEPS-01.pngThe educational partnership between AFC Wimbledon and The Learning Rooms is a powerful alliance that brings a wealth of benefits to our community. Collaborating with The Learning Rooms, a recognised leader in digital learning and training, ensures our community can gain easy access to a wide range of professional development courses.

Who Are The Learning Rooms?

The Learning Rooms is a digital learning services company that helps organisations deliver technology-based training solutions. They design, build and deliver engaging online learning experiences that deliver key skills through active engagement and experiential learning.

Their team of educational technologists and designers craft engaging learning experiences specifically designed to meet your requirements, with a motivating and interactive eLearning solution.

They see learning as the key to unlocking and strengthening a competitive advantage. Their experienced and creative learning specialists can deliver innovative, targeted solutions to meet learning and development challenges. Incorporating interactive elements, instructional games, simulations and video scenarios, they build rich, motivating learning that completely engages the learner.

Featured Course: Managing People Online

This people management eLearning course is designed for the busy professional who finds it difficult to set aside time for personal development. It is particularly valuable to people who have been promoted recently or are considering going for promotion to a position that will require them to manage individuals or teams.

The fully online course is designed to equip participants with the essential people management knowledge and skills they need take up a new challenge or explore new opportunities with confidence. We’ve combined our academic knowledge with our broad scope of management experience to deliver course content that is based on proven, best in class management theory that is also very practical and relevant.

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