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Teaming up for High Path

13 December 2016

Paul Strank Roofing make big contribution to help community group

AFC Wimbledon are proud to announce that we have once again teamed up with Paul Strank Roofing in support of our community!

Through the generosity of The Paul Strank Charitable Trust donating via The AFCW Foundation, the High Path Community Support Programme, which allows the disadvantaged adults they support to attend AFC Wimbledon matches, will continue. These die-hard Dons fans are an important part of our community and very important to us at AFC Wimbledon, and so we are delighted that they will be able to carry on attending and enjoying cheering the Dons on!

Ivor Heller, Commercial Director at AFC Wimbledon, said: “We have been working with High Path from a very early stage at AFCW; we are delighted that we can keep welcoming them not only to matches, but to hospitality as they have become an intrinsic part of our matchday experience and thanks to Paul and Irene for this.”

Paul Strank, MBE of The Paul Strank Charitable Trust, said: “This programme is a wonderful blend of two things closest to our hearts at The Paul Strank Charitable Trust; supporting disadvantaged people in our community and AFC Wimbledon! We believe that football plays an important role in our communities providing positive social interaction and integration; and being a fan’s club, AFC Wimbledon exemplifies this idea. For many people at High Path, the matches they attend are the highlight of their week and so when the Commercial Team at AFC made us aware of their plight, we were proud to be able to step in and ensure the programme continued.”

  We have been lucky over the years cheering on the team to promotion after promotion. The link between us, AFC Wimbledon and the fans has become stronger every year. We have been invited to do a charity event for the past five seasons. This has included laps of the pitch with Seb Brown, penalties against Ivor at half time, races against Haydon and last year a competition at the training ground involving five players. Andy O’Brien, from High Path, said: “The High Path day centre have been watching AFC Wimbledon since 2004 we watch between 8 – 10 games a season.

We are looking forward to our charity event next April when we are going to try to raise some money for The Paul Strank Charitable Trust.”“In September, it was looking like we would not be able to attend any more due to lack of funding. However, Paul and Irene Strank got to hear about this and have stepped in and sponsored the matches we were going to attend until the end of the season. We are extremely grateful as it has enabled High Path to continue watching the mighty AFC Wimbledon, a club we have grown to love.

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