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Calling all DT members

4 October 2016

What are you missing?

All Dons Trust members (aged 16 and above) have now been sent their e-mail invitations to join the Webjam.

E-mails were sent in batches, between 5 and 17 September, to the e-mail addresses held for you on the Dons Trust database.

Nearly 400 members have now registered and are taking part. There have been exclusive discussions, debates, polls and questions to board members on the site. Discussions have so far included the new stadium, board member activities, the redactions to minutes, ethical sponsorship, and thoughts on the Trust Webjam itself.

There are also videos that were taken at the SGM in August, slides from the Academy that were presented to a recent Dons Trust Board meeting, and the summaries of board meetings now appear on the Trust Webjam a month ahead of appearing publicly on the Trust website.

The Trust’s election process is now also underway.This year the Elections Steering Group (ESG) will be using the Trust Webjam during the election campaign for members to ask the candidates questions and as part of the election process.

So if you’re a Trust member and want to be involved, be informed and be heard, you need to register for the site as soon as possible.

How do I register and sign up?

 The e-mail inviting you to join will have come from webmaster@thedonstrust.organd was sent to the e-mail address held for you on the Trust database. If you can’t find the e-mail in your inbox please check your junk and spam folders as, although it has come from webmaster e-mail address, it is being sent via the Webjam server so may have been filtered by your e-mail provider. 

 We are also aware that some work e-mail addresses are being blocked by the firewalls of those companies. If you have a personal e-mail address too and would like to be involved, please let us have that by emailing webmaster@thedonstrust.orgso we can resend the invite. 

The invite to register e-mail has a link to visit the site and register. Members were sent the Acceptable Use Policy and the User Registration Guide on 19 August via an e-mail from the Dons Trust.

It is important to follow the registration guide when first registering as it is a little different from other social media sites. Your user name should be your FirstnameSurname (ie JaneLonsdale). We are doing this because we are trying to be as transparent as possible and to make the site welcoming, safe and respectful.

Any problems or if you need more help

  webmaster@thedonstrust.orgIf you cannot find the e-mails please contact    Jane Lonsdale.e-mail. If you want any help in signing up, please call in at the Dons Trust kiosk on a home match day or  

  .websiteFor more information about the Dons Trust, visit the   

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