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New stadium: The sequence of events that led to landmark signing ceremony

Plenty of signings required by Erik to make the document legally binding

15 December 2017

The ceremony at Plough Lane on Wednesday 13 December put the final piece of the jigsaw in place by dating the s106 agreement – without the date it wasn't a legally binding document.

Over the previous couple of weeks four copies of the s106 had been signed, in turn, by GRA Acquisition Limited, The Club (in the name of The Wider Interests of Football Limited, a new Dons Trust subsidiary company which will own the stadium), then Ireland's National Asset Management Agency which had a financial interest in the site, and finally the London Borough of Merton, where it was both signed and sealed.

The documents had to be physically transported to the various parties who were signing it, including a trip across the Irish Sea, so we signed it on Monday 4 December, nine days before this week's event. Each document required 23 signatures by CEO director Erik Samuelson and there were four copies – 92 signatures in all. Fellow director Mick Buckley signed, also 92 times, as witness.

Above is a photo of Erik with one of the two specially bought pens, about to sign one of the copies, and an image of the S106 documents.

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