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Fans relaunch campaign to raise extra funds

Do your bit to boost Neal's playing budget

18 June 2017

A group of Dons fans have relaunched a campaign to boost Neal Ardley's playing budget – and you can do your bit to make us more competitive in League One next season.

There's already been a good response from supporters to the initiative after a call-out from We Are Wimbledon Fund organisers Damian Woodward and Xavier Wiggins earlier this week.

Chief Executive Erik Samuelson has also written to supporters with a message that stresses the importance of supporting a campaign that will help Neal to bring in more quality players (the picture above shows Lyle Taylor, who we signed two years ago).

Erik said: "We are in a massively competitive League One – there are seven Premier League teams in there – so it is really imperative, given all the financial pressures on the club right now, that we all pitch in as much as we can to help our team."

The main way for fans to contribute is via a direct debit form  from the We Are Wimbledon Fund website. There is an option for supporters to make one-off payments via this form. In the section that says 'Payment Schedule, where it asks for the 'End' date, simply select 'Take certain number of debits' and a new box will open to choose option 1.

Damian Woodward, a member of the We Are Wimbledon Fund organising team, said: "In June we really want to get more money raised to make sure that next season is as successful as the previous four or five since we started the fund. The club currently receives around £60,000 a year from 300 people donating regularly through direct debits. Those donations get us players at this level that we may not otherwise be able to afford. What we really want to do is double those figures. If we could get 600 fans to contribute £120,000, it would really begin to change things for our club. In the short-term, we struggle to put more money through into the playing budget because everything at the club is at full capacity.

"It is fabulous if people can give regularly, but we understand that is not necessarily within everyone's ability to do that. Please think about other projects you could do to help. For example, we had a fan recently who produced 100 'We Are the Resurrection' badges. That has put £350 into the pot and another 15 or 20 projects like that would make a meaningful difference to the club, which hopefully costs no one a penny out of their pocket. Think really creatively and please everyone take a bit of responsibility to help make this wonderful journey continue."

Xavier Wiggins, who helped set-up the We Are Wimbledon Fund four years ago, added: "It is the same principle today as it was back then: we want to make it as simple as possible for fans to contribute, knowing that anything we raise is additional to what the club was putting in. It needed to be an incremental revenue stream specifically for the playing budget. We decided that the best way to do that was for fans to do that with as much as they could afford on a direct debit basis. That has formed the bulk of the money raised.

"We just need some renewed energy behind the fund now. These are important times for the club. Neal Ardley has somehow managed to increase our league position year upon year, which is a fantastic achievement, but we all have to do our bit if we possibly can. No amount is too little. Direct Debit forms are on the We Are Wimbledon Fund website and let's see if we can help Neal to maintain that upward trajectory."

If you are a fan from abroad who wishes to make a contribution or if you have ideas about raising funds, e-mail  .

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