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A roof over our heads

Chief Executive Officer clarifies an important aspect of the stadium design

21 December 2018

Erik took the opportunity at last night’s AGM of the Dons Trust to clarify an issue which has understandably caused consternation among fans over recent days, following publication of the Dons Trust board minutes for November.

Negotiations with the proposed contractor for the new stadium are continuing, and the design specification (including design options which can be negotiated) is in the process of being revised and priced.

It was reported in the November minutes that the specification and price did not yet include a roof on the north, south and east stands.

Erik clarified at the AGM that, whilst that position was correctly stated in the minutes, there is no intention (and has never been any intention) of proceeding with a stadium which does not provide protection for spectators on all sides of the stadium from the elements.

Whilst the west stand will be a permanent structure with a permanent roof, the stands on the north, south and east stands will be temporary (relocatable) structures. Design choices remain to be made about what kind of cover gets put on those temporary structures. Choices about such matters as height, materials and whether or not to allow pillars at the front of these roofs will have a bearing on the cost of the project. Other implications, such as sightlines from certain areas of the west stand, also need to be addressed. However, fans can rest assured that all sides of the stadium will have a roof.

Erik also reminded attendees that there will be a consultation regarding key design choices in the New Year. However, we need to reach agreement with the proposed contractor on some key points, and cost implications thereof, before we can launch a consultation that will be meaningful.

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