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Urgent appeal for laptops

17 April 2020

Our heroic fans have today launched an urgent appeal for unwanted laptops to help homeless kids.

The AFCW Foundation and Dons Local Action Group want to help children who are living in temporary accommodation and simply don't have access to the internet or any basic means of communication.

"These kids already have a rough deal. Laptops are an essential part of modern life and yet so many disadvantaged children can't access one. That means they can't do basic stuff like contacting friends, never mind enjoy online educational material," said spokesman Xavier Wiggins.

"So many of us have old laptops stashed away in cupboards and wardrobes which we've forgotten all about. Dust them down and they could open up an entirely new world for these kids."

It doesn't matter what the laptops look like so long as they're in working condition and come with a power cable.

The Dons Local Action Group has been leading the local battle against the coronavirus crisis, delivering thousands of food boxes to people locally who are struggling on their own.

Anyone who can help should phone 020 3301 4511 or email:

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