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New launch date announced!

3 August 2020

Our debenture scheme is now scheduled for launch on Wednesday.

Following the first consultation, we have been working behind the scenes with our ticketing provider to try and make the payment process simpler and more efficient for fans.

Many fans have told us they want to make group bookings so they can sit with friends and family when we move into our new Plough Lane home. However, this could have meant the lead purchaser having to pay for absolutely everyone within their group.

The new changes mean fans will now be able to pay for themselves when booking as part of a group.

To make this work from tomorrow for priority group 1, we will have to split our debenture launch into 3 stages:

Stage One – will be logging in to your online account and resetting your password.

Stage two – will be a ‘reservations’ stage, where you choose and reserve your seat(s).

Stage three - This is a new ‘payments’ stage, which will take place up to two weeks after your reservation. It will guarantee far more choice and flexibility to help you manage your account, with individuals within the group now being able to make their own payment. All fans that have made a reservation will be contacted via email or a call to make payment on their reservation.

Please note, that we are still hoping to add the payments stage into stage two, but we are still working on some technical aspects to make that possible, hopefully from priority group 2.

Stage One - The logging in to your account stage will work as follows:

1…Everyone on our database who has an email address with us will receive an email from us asking them to complete a set up of their online account – the key part of this will be to reset your password. This will allow all fans log in, manage their details and add connections for example friends and family or manager existing connections.

2…this will be a perfect opportunity for you to create your groups by managing your connections.


Stage Two - The ‘reservations’ stage will work as follows:

1…Current season ticket holders can log into their accounts and see which seats they have automatically been allocated at Plough Lane. Remember, we will be trying to give you a seat that is similar to the one you had at Kingsmeadow;

2…If you don’t want this seat, or you want to sit with a wider group of friends or family, you can cancel it – and then select alternatives using a map of our new stadium, which shows which seats and rows are available. Be aware that our priority schedule remains the same when it comes to reservations, visit PRIORITY PERIODS EXPLAINED DOCUMENT.

3…Provided everyone in your booking is a Season Ticket holder, you will then be able to reserve your new seats for all your connections – with no need to make a payment at this stage.

4…Everyone within your group who has been reserved a seat will then be able to log in to their own accounts and see the seat that has been selected for them.

Please note that you will only be able to reserve seats for people who are in relevant priority groups. For example if you are a current season ticket holder trying to reserve a seat for someone who is not a current season ticket holder will not be able to do so unless you are a current season ticket holder and will be adding immediate family members to your connections.

If you don’t have an email address don’t worry your account will still be created if you are currently on our database. You will be able to call our ticket office on 0208 547 3396 to either create an online account from tomorrow or to make reservations from Wednesday.


Stage three - Once this “reservations” process is completed, we will then announce a “payments” stage which will give you more options than we had previously envisaged. This will work as follows:

1…Everybody in your group booking will be able to pay individually for their own seats. In other words, the lead booker doesn’t have to pay for everyone else;

2…You can choose to either pay the full amount in one lump sum, or spread payments via direct debit.

3…If it helps, the lead booker can set up payment plans for everyone within the group – either direct debit, or one single payment.


5 year season ticket holders

If you are a 5 year season ticket holder you will have 2 options:

  1. Stay in your allocated seat – your seat is already reserved so if you are happy with it you don’t have to do anything more
  2. Move from allocated seat – cancel your current seat allocation, pick a new seat and confirm your new reservation. We will then contact you when it is time to pay for your new seat using your remaining credit with us or to collect a payment if you wish to keep your credit.



  1. Before we move to the Reservation stage on Wednesday, we will contact everyone who has an email address asking them to re-set their passwords and log in to their online account. This will take place tomorrow morning. 

At that stage you will be able to:

  • Change your personal details
  • Add in connections
  1. Wednesday GO LIVE – reservation stage

At that stage you will be able to:

  • View your allocated seats if you are a current season ticket holder
  • Keep you reserved seats
  • Change and reserve new seats
  • Reserve seats for your connections


Wednesday is going to be an exciting day for everyone, bringing our return to Plough Lane that much closer. Our new tiered booking system is the result of listening long and hard to what you’ve been telling us and we are confident it will make the journey home that much smoother.

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