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Seb recalls the hours of study that led to his penalty-saving heroics

One of our heroes from Manchester on the glory of 2011

1 May 2020

The glory of Manchester 2011 and Wimbledon's dramatic return to the Football League will never be forgotten by everyone connected with the club.

As part of a trip down memory lane, the National League are remembering their showpiece play-off finals and a look back at the drama of 21 May 2011 at Manchester was the focus today. 

Speaking in an interview with Sam Elliott, Seb recalled: “In 2011, we didn’t have the technology we do today - especially the clubs that were at our level. I studied and studied their penalty takers for a long time. I had to rely on YouTube. I worked my way down through every squad player and made sure I knew where they like to put it, and where I should be going. Hours and hours it took.

“I took out the famous piece of paper that some fans speculate had nothing on it. It did! Even if it didn’t, how would you feel as a player lining up and wondering ‘am I on that bit of paper’? “I won’t profess to be the first person to do something like that, but I think it really helped. We actually knew we were going to be in the play-offs about six weeks before. So Terry Brown had us practicing penalty kicks every week in the build up.”

To read the rest of the interview with Seb, who is a Goalkeeper Coach at our Academy, visit the National League website


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