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Willy’s parting gift brings out the best in our keepers!

Resurging craze keeps Nik and Zaki alert

15 December 2021

When Willy Caballero moved on from training with the Dons last week, he left behind a warm-up method that certainly got Bayzo’s competitive juices flowing!

“Willy brought it in,” said Zaki Oualah. “He showed us how it’s done, he’s the champ! He’s the master, he’s like the guru of Spikeball! I’m sure he plays it every day!”

“It gets our feet going,” explained our number one Nik Tzanev. “It’s a little warm-up, it’s usually good to play two versus two to get the most movement, just to get the blood flowing and it’s good for reactions as well. It keeps the mind stimulated, which I know Bayzo loves.”

“It’s been around for a while,” said Zaki. “Before though, people were just using a ball and a trampoline, but they’ve brought out the equipment for it. It’s a trend that’s going around, but it’s fun and a good warm-up. It’s valuable to our goalkeeping. It gets you up for training.”

Our Goalkeeping Coach takes it very seriously indeed. Although he’s a stickler for the rules, Bayzo was also prepared to get down and dirty by the amount of mud he was covered in by the end of the session!

Find out how Bayzo, Nik, Zaki and Academy goalkeeper Luka Ziger got on with Spikeball below, via the link to our official YouTube channel.  

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