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Dons hero delivers key speech in Parliament

Clubs get behind important message to change football governance

1 July 2021

Former Dons defender John Scales gave a keynote speech in the House of Commons today as clubs demanded fundamental changes to the way football is run.

Our FA Cup-winning legend is now an ambassador for Fair Game, which AFC Wimbledon has been staunchly spearheading ever since its inception.

Scales told assembled MPs, executives and power brokers from across the sport why change is urgently needed.
"Football is broken. Over the last few years we have seen the demise of Bury and Macclesfield while some Championship clubs have spent over 200% of their revenue on players’ wages. That is not sustainable," he said.
“Meanwhile, a club relegated from the Premier League gets £50million in parachute payment. That’s more than the Premier League gives the 48 clubs of League One and Two put together. 
“The clubs of Fair Game have had enough. Let’s redistribute the parachute payments and give it to the clubs that are run well.
“Let’s bring in a system that protects a club’s crown jewels – the badge, the name, the nickname, the colours, its location."

Besides John, there were also speeches from Alison McGovern, the Shadow Minister for Sport, and Conservative MP Damian Collins, former chair of the Department of Media, Culture and Sport Select Committee.
With AFC Wimbledon at the forefront, Fair Game has gone from strength to strength with 15 clubs already on board - and another 15 about to join, all demanding fundamental changes.
Xavier Wiggins, co-chair of the Dons Trust, added:  "I urge all club owners to join Fair Game. Let’s implement a structure that is more responsible, fairer and more equitable.
“Let’s not wait for bad stuff to happen. Let’s not be dictated to. Let’s shape our own future. Together we can be powerful.”

 Dons Trust board member and Fair Game director Niall Couper added: “This was a massive moment for Fair Game. We are determined to build realistic and meaningful solutions.

 "Our next task is to bring the lawmakers along with us and turn our proposals into a lasting reality.”

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