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We want to buy 25 year season tickets for our five grandchildren!

22 June 2021

Why Alice and Sid can’t imagine life without their beloved Dons.

“Being a Wimbledon supporter has given me more pleasure in life than anything else.”

Sometimes 87-year-old Alice Dunnett can say it better than us.

For her, life without Wimbledon would have been no life at all. In fact, when she and husband Sid were married, they both agreed that supporting the Dons was part of the pact. Ever since their wedding day, they have owned season tickets – and now they’re planning to buy our brand-new 25 year tickets for their five grandchildren.

In a heart-warming and emotional interview with Abbie Clarke, the devoted couple explain why the club means so much to them and why they urge every Dons fan to invest in the club’s future.

“Sid and I got married 65 years ago,” said Alice. “If we could have bought a 25 year ticket during that period we 100 per cent would have done.

“In fact, we now have five grandchildren and they will always be Wimbledon supporters. I’ve bought their season tickets ever since they were born. You never know, there might be enough money to buy them 25 year tickets instead.

“I’m sure it’s a very good investment for younger people.”

As the couple chatted, their precious memories came flooding back. “She eats, sleeps and drinks Wimbledon - and I come second,” smiled Sid, 90, as he poured over the pages of our club history, We Are Home.

“There’s an old picture in this brilliant book of my mother and father on their wedding day in 1928,” he continued. “We lived over the way in a terraced house in Summerstown. I was one of 13 children, nine boys, and we were all involved one way or another with Plough Lane.

“I never believed, though, that the new ground could be as outstanding as it is.”

The last word goes to Alice. “If there was one last wish of mine, it’s was always to get back to Plough Lane. I’ve got to step out at the new ground. That will be my last dream.”

Click below to watch their emotional interview.


If you are interested in purchasing a 25 Year season ticket, don’t hesitate to call us on 020 3988 7863 or email

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