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Test Event – How to reserve your seats

30 March 2021

Our first test event at Plough Lane is just over a month away and from tomorrow our debenture plus non refundable season ticket holders will be able to reserve their spot at the new stadium for the big day.

We’d like to remind everyone of the following rules.

Cost of the tickets: The tickets for this event are free and simply require reserving.

Priority order and eligibility: Tickets will ONLY be available in the following strict Priority Group order:

Priority group 1: Fans that purchased a Debenture plus a non-refundable season ticket for this season;

Priority group 2: Fans that purchased a Non-refundable season ticket for this season;

Priority group 3: Fans that purchased a Debenture-only.

The reservation dates are:

Priority group 1: reservation window open from Wednesday 31 March

Priority group 2: reservation window open from Monday 12 April

Priority group 3: reservation window open from Thursday 22 April

Seating arrangements: For this test event, you will not be able to sit in your specific debenture or ST seat. In order to optimise the number of people we can get into the stadium, we will use software that will allocate people in order to optimise the capacity.

Who can attend and who you can book for: Fans who purchased debentures plus non refundable season tickets, non refundable season tickets and debentures only are eligable to attend this test event. We are bound by lockdown and social distancing rules as per the limited capacity crowd protocols, so fans can only book for other fans from the same household – and the same Priority Group. For example, debenture plus non-refundable season ticket holders can only book on behalf of someone with exactly the same package and if they live in the same household. If your friends and family live together but they are in different priority group you will have to wait until that priority group opens up to be able to book.

Booking for other eligible people within your household: Fans will have to ensure that in order to book for other people within your household who are eligible to attend this test event they will have to assign them to their friends/family connections first prior to booking.

Simply log in to online ticketing account.

On the right hand side menu navigate through to Friends and family section.

Your current connections will already be there.

To add new connection simply press on the +NEW button at the top.

Add existing contact by typing in their FAN ID and surname.

If you try to create a new contact that doesn't already exist on our database or is not in one of our priority groups this contact will not be eligible for booking for this test event. They have to be in one of the Priority Groups mentioned above.  

Hospitality Seats: Fans who bought hospitality debentures will be contacted by us directly, they will not have to book online.

Accessible seating: We will ask anyone who wants to book a wheelchair seat or seating with a companion seat to email our ticket office at with their requirements. These seats will not be bookable online.


How to book

Log in to your ONLINE TICKETING account by visiting: 

On the homepage you will be presented with your special offers.


Based on your priority group you will be able to see AFC Wimbledon Test Event offer. Click on VIEW OFFER to reserve your seats.

You will now be able to pick the amount of seats you would like to reserve. Please note that you will NOT have to pick any tariffs regardless if you are booking for an adult, concession or child. All tickets are set to adult tickets and are FREE OF CHARGE

ADD TO CART and move to the next step.

If you have booked one seat for yourself you will be presented with the following screen to confirm your selection.

If you are booking more than one ticket you will see the following screen.

Click BUY NOW and move on to the next step to confirm your address.

Click CONTINUE, this will take you through to confirm your own seats, if you are booking just for yourself. Or if you are booking for other people within your household you will be asked to assign each seat to a relevent connection.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that you must add your connection prior to starting your booking process. Your connections must be eligible to attend and their booking window must be open if they are not in the same Priority Group as you.


Once confirmed you will be presented with a confirmation screen.


If you click on FOLLOW YOUR ORDER button you can view your seats, take a note of them or print a copy.


How to contact us

If you are having any issues with booking or have any questions regarding the test event please email us at with your queries.

Please note that our phone lines are extremely busy therefore contacting us via email is the best way. We will be able to arrange a call back or provide a simple resolution by responding.


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