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2021/22 Season Tickets Campaign

6 May 2021

It's the moment you've all been waiting for – and, for the first time in our history, it’s even a moment that could change your life! So stop what you’re doing right now and stick Wednesday, May 12 in your diary.

That’s the day when you can renew your season tickets for our next 2021/2022 campaign. Only this year will be like no other: for the first time ever, we are launching a 25-Year Season Ticket!

That’s right! You are guaranteed to never miss a kick for the next quarter of a century!

“Twenty-five year season tickets are a fantastic long-term deal for both fans and the club, and the finance committee is supporting the roll out,” said Graeme Price, DTB Finance committee member.

“Crucially, they help the club to repay expensive short-term debt, strengthen our financial position and plan for the future at Plough Lane. The season ticket holder receives a fixed price for 25 years of football, and can leave the ticket in their will if they choose.  We’ll also be helping to fund the building of our own club, as we always have done.”

There’s never been a better moment to guarantee your place at Plough Lane - but thanks to our 25-Year option you now have a unique choice. You can either purchase a regular season ticket for the campaign ahead, or go flat out and watch history in the making!

Whichever choice you make, you’ll finally get to experience the homecoming we were all dreaming about at the start of this current season.

Sadly, Covid ruined all our plans and the very people who made our return to Wimbledon possible – you, our special fans – were cruelly denied the one magical moment you’d been waiting 18 years to witness. Our first game back at Plough Lane.

Thanks to the nationwide vaccination programme, we can finally look forward once again to that euphoric moment when we are all together, side by side, turning our new ground into our new home.

It’s a moment you absolutely do not want to miss so here are the options you will face next Wednesday.



This is where it gets really exciting! Our 25 Year Season Ticket will guarantee you see EVERY home league game at Plough Lane for the next 25 years. Wow!

Think about that. Think about what you would have seen had we launched a similar ticket 25 years ago. Yes, there were lows but overwhelmingly you would have been on the football roller-coaster ride of your life! 

Premier League football, six promotions in 14 years, our return to the Football League – and, best of all, our magical return to Plough Lane. And Will Nightingale was born 25 years ago as well!

Just flick the clock back right now to season 1996/1997 and what do you find? We were actually playing some of our best football ever under manager Joe Kinnear. Players like Marcus Gayle, Efan Ekoku and Dean Holdsworth were deadly up front, while Robbie Earle and Vinnie Jones commanded the midfield. We finished eighth in the Premier League, with a run of seven wins in a row including victories over Chelsea (4-2) and Spurs (1-0). 

Add to the mix our meteoric rise through the leagues and all the heart-thumping dramas along the way. The Great Escape. How do you put a value on the words “I was there”?

How do you make sure you never miss a single second ever again?

The answer is simple. Our 25 Year Season Ticket puts you in the seat for ever. No more worrying about renewing tickets every year. No more worrying about inflation and what tickets might cost next year, the year after – and all the years after that.

We have estimated that a ticket bought 25 years ago would have exactly doubled in price over that period, accounting for inflation. If you buy a 25 Year Ticket now - for around £10,000 (25 times your current year price) - then you will never be hit by the ever-rising cost of living. 

Think about that. When Robbo lifts us through the leagues and we go all the way to the top, then ticket prices will inevitably need to rise as we go higher and higher. But yours won’t!

You could be watching AFC Wimbledon in the Premier League for the same price you paid when we were still a League One club!

You will also be truly helping our club. Revenue from this will go directly towards helping pay off the £4 million external loan we needed to help fund Plough Lane and will reduce the yearly repayments from it that impact on our available playing budget. Even by helping to pay off a meaningful chunk of the external loan we can give the club the best platform for success at Plough Lane.

Tempted? You should be? One thing’s for sure – there’s never a dull moment at our football club. Given our meteoric rise from the Combined Counties League, just think where we might be by season 2046/2047!

League One winners? Championship winners? Premier League winners? Champions League winners?! Maybe Plough Lane will have been expanded until the entire stadium is an extension of our already majestic West Stand?

Go on – let your imagination run wild. The 25 Year Season Ticket is for loyal fans who cannot imagine their lives without AFC Wimbledon. It’s for romantics, believers, dreamers -  and a bargain for fans who can lock in 2046/47 football at 2021/22 prices.  You can even pass it on in your will, which is great news for your successors as well! 



We are acutely aware that so many of you showed unbelievable loyalty last season when you selflessly committed to non-refundable season tickets – knowing the funds would help us survive, but also knowing the chance of seeing a game were remote. In fact, you have all received special certificates to thank you for your unwavering support.

Now, as a further sign of our gratitude, we are freezing our regular season ticket prices for next season – and everyone who bought a debenture last season will still be guaranteed a five per cent discount on top.

Unfortunately, we cannot absolutely guarantee what the government’s rules and regulations are going to be concerning Covid come August, although the signs are encouraging as we all know. But we will still give you an option: you can either elect to purchase a regular season ticket, or a non-refundable one again. It goes without saying that the latter helps our club and gives us the financial security we need to plan ahead.



If you didn’t purchase a debenture last year, then don’t panic. The good news is that they are still available and they will guarantee you keep your favourite seat at Plough Lane for the next 10 years. 

Better still, you can also buy debentures for friends and family which means you will always be able to sit with the people you most value. If you buy a Debenture with a Season Ticket this year we will apply five percent discount to your Season Ticket too! 



Our new Plough Lane hospitality packages will guarantee a level of luxury and sophistication we have never been able to offer before.

There’s so much choice thanks to our stunning  glass-fronted executive boxes, super chic lounges - some formal, some relaxed - high-end dining with waiter service and casual buffets for a more laid-back experience. There really is something for every taste and every budget to help you enjoy a feast of football.

That’s it for now!


Details for all the above can be found on our TICKETING LANDING PAGE.

For fans who are renewing tickets, then the priority system we used this season will still apply and you will be invited to purchase when your window opens. Current debenture and season ticket holders will also be able to switch seats around, depending on availability, during the priority period.

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