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Ticket News

Renew your Season Tickets now

12 May 2021

We are excited to announce that our Renewal campaign is now live.

Everyone who have purchased Debentures and Non refundable season tickets as well as season ticket holders with reservations from last year are now able to renew their season tickets online or by getting in touch with our Ticket Office. 


How to renew your season tickets

Online: If you are renewing your Season Ticket online, please familiarise yourself with our HOW TO RENEW guide. 

By phone: You can also renew your Season Ticket by calling our Ticket Office on 020 3988 7863. Ticket office will be open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

Email: fans can email with their ticketing enquries so that we can arrange a call back. 


Changing Tariffs or moving seats

Fans who would like to make changes to their tariffs or move seats they will have to contact our Ticket Office on 20 3988 7863.

Buying a Debenture or 25-years Season Ticket 

Fans who would like to buy a Debenture and claim 5% discount on their season ticket from this year or would like to purchase a 25-year season ticket will have to contact our Ticket Office on 20 3988 7863. 

5 year Season Ticket holders

Fans with remaining 5 year season ticket credit should get in touch with our Ticket Office to discuss their renewal options. 

5 years season ticket holders will be able to use their remaining credit to purchase their season ticket, add a debenture or buy 25-year season ticket.

Those fans will also have the ability to change seats.

Priorty Groups and dates

We ask all fans to familisrise themselves with Season Tickets Priority Groups and booking windows before renewing or trying to buy.  


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