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#AskParis: Fan Questions

Composed midfielder answers supporters

3 August 2022

In the second instalment of our Fan Questions series, our supporters put Paris Maghoma to the test as the playmaker discussed dressing rooms DJs, cheat foods and music in an extensive interview.

We asked our fans for their questions on social media and the response was unsurprisingly high as an all manner of questions – both football and life related – were sent in!

You can read the full transcript of our interview with Paris down below, whilst you can watch it via our official YouTube channel.

Hudlin’s Massive (@Rudi_szn) asks…

Q: Desert island. Three people you want there with you?

A: If it was in general I would say my two brothers and my sister.

Sylfen (@Sylfen) also asks…

Q: If you were stuck on a desert island would you rather be with Assal, Marsh or Chislett?

A: Ayoub. We get along well. It would be good fun. However I would put Marshy on the bus as I have known him for quite a while.

Hudlin’s Massive (@Rudi_szn) asks…

Q: Is there a dressing room DJ, if so who?

A: I’m not going to name names but he isn’t great! He needs to step up his game. Hopefully at the weekend he can deliver a bit more. He knows who he is.

Ben (@AFCWNeb) asks…

Q: Who is a player you idolised, and do you try and implement any aspects of their game into yours?

A: When I was younger it was definitely Ronaldinho. But in terms of my personal idol it’s always been by oldest brother (Jacques Maghoma).

He started off at Tottenham Hotspur, he went to Burton Albion, Sheffield Wednesday and Birmingham City. I get inspiration from the stuff he went through to get to where he got to in his career. He done his ACL and was told he wouldn’t be the same but his mentality was always to keep going. I’ve tried to follow in his footsteps. We’re a very close family.

Sylfen @Sylfen1 asks…

Q: What are your favourite shoes?

A: I would say Jordans in general. I’m not the biggest fan of designer trainers. I do like a pair of Dunks, as you saw with my ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ (when I signed), they’re up there as my favourite pair.

Hudlin’s Massive (@Rudi_szn) asks…

Q: What is your favourite cheat food?

A: I haven’t really got one really. But I don’t mind Sushi. It’s not really bad food though is it. I’m not really an unhealthy type of guy.

George Brown (@georgebrown313) asks…

Q: Who’s got the best bromance in the team?

A: Pearcey (Alex Pearce) and Browny (Lee Brown). What a pair! They’re funny lads and they get the group together.

Kyle (@kylesmi62080644) asks…

Q: How many goals will you get this season?

A: My personal target was five. My priority is to bring football to the team. I like to get the ball from the centre halves and to keep the ball moving, I play forward passes and to get an assist would also be great. Defensively I have to work hard and win my battles.

James Pritchard (@pritj12) asks…

Q: What’s your favorite artist and song at the moment?

A: My favourite artist at the moment has to be a person called A JAH and his song Titanic.

BrooklynDon (@BrooklynDon6) asks…

Q: What area of your game do you think needs the most improvement?

A: That’s a decent question Brooklyn. I’d say the defensive side. Although I would like to improve offensively.

C∆L•LVM McG∆RRY (@McGuiri) asks…

Q: In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Brentford’s B team system compared to the standard youth system?

A: I don’t think there is a disadvantage because in the Brentford set-up you play a lot of teams that are in the league. At the same time you also have the opportunity to play against sides such as PSV and Monaco, so it gives you a variety of games, which is obviously good for you.

Windlesham Don (@DonWindlesham) asks…

Q: What is your opinion on Nathan Young-Coombes, his strengths and weaknesses?

A: Baller. If you give him a chance he will score. That’s a fact. Last season he was a joke. He can go quiet for 20 to 30 minutes but as soon as he gets a chance it’s going top bins.

Dan Curran (@CurranDan) asks…

Q: Be honest: was it a penalty or was the yellow card fair?

A: Listen, there’s a saying that you have to die with a lie, so it was a penalty. It’s definitely a penalty. But the ref didn’t want to give the decision on the day, so I got stuck with the yellow. Shocking!

Joe Meddings (@joemeddings) asks…

Q: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: My mum’s food! She makes a lot of African food, it’s very nice. If I could choose one food it would be mummy’s food.

Alfie Dixon (@AlfieDixon0) asks…

Q: Why did Wimbledon standout to you?

A: It’s a club that’s trying to go in the right direction. It’s a club that’s trying to play the right football. It’s a club that plays a lot of young players at an early stage – you’ve got guys like JC (Jack Currie) who is only 19 and it shows the philosophy of the club.

A lot of young players breakthrough here, last season you had Rudi (Jack Rudoni) and now he’s in the Championship with Huddersfield. Then in the past you’ve had the likes of Marcus Forss, (Aaron) Pressley and Mads Bech (Sorensen) – so speaking to them about the club was a big part of it.

Joseph Bellamy (@womble_big) asks…

Q: Who gets nutmegged the most in training?

A: Maybe Ogs (Isaac Ogundere). I’ve done him a few times. I’ve done a couple of others a few times too!

Ciaron Stedman (@c10ron) asks…

Q: Which of the three new kits do you prefer?

A: Home, definitely. I’m a fan of blue. It’s very nice.

Mentats UK (@mentatsuk) asks…

Q: What tune do you rock to when you want to pump yourself up for a game?

A: Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill.

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