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#AskAli: Lift off in Iraq to touching down as a Don

New signing answers the fans

9 February 2023


#AskAli: Lift off in Iraq to touching down as a Don

New signing answers the fans

9 February 2023

Ali Al-Hamadi has fielded plenty of questions from our supporters – ranging from what he has to eat on a matchday to who he’d marry out of his teammates!

We put a request out on Twitter earlier this week for you to ask our Iraqi international whatever came to mind, with plenty of responses coming in.

You can read the full transcript of our interview with Ali down below, whilst you can watch it via our official YouTube channel.

daysofspeed (@daysofspeed) asks…

Q: Welcome to the club. How is living in London. Does this move feel good already or is it a work in progress?

Living in London has been a bit mad! I previously lived in Wycombe and Swansea which are both quiet areas. It’s been refreshing to be honest. I like city life.

I’ve settled in quickly with the lads. Our performances have been good since I came here and it’s been a good test for me against some of the sides higher up the table. I’m here to score goals and win games, which I’m sure will come in due course.

I felt I could have done better against Orient. It played on my mind all weekend. It’s hard to get over sometimes.

pritj12 (@pritj12) asks…

Q: Who have you formed the best relationship with in the squad?

Everyone really. Pelly is a madman, it’s hard not to get along with him! Some of the other lads around my age such as Hus, JC and PK. I was surprised that there’s no cliques, everyone gets along and spends time with each other.

Gunts has been a massive help for me – I was put in touch with him through Garath McCleary – whatever I’ve needed he’s done his best with it all. He’s a top guy. For someone to have had the career he’s had and still be willing to help the younger players is a real testament.

Windlesham Don (@DonWindlesham) asks…

Q: What are your strengths and do you feel that playing wide on the left makes the most of them?

It’s always hard to talk about what your good at! It feels a bit weird. I think when I’m at my best I’m explosive and fast. I get at people and beat my man. I pride myself on my movement and getting into those goalscoring positions.

When you first join a club its about getting to grips with a system and how everything works. It takes a bit of time for that to fall into place. I do enjoy playing on the left but I can play through the middle when required.

upthedons (@upthedons) asks…

Q: Would you rather have the speed of Kylian Mbappe or shooting of Erling Haaland?

Speed is probably one of my biggest assets, so I’d say the shooting as that would make me a complete player.

chris. (@ChrisOraa) asks…

Q: Are you excited about building a strike partnership with Josh and how important is it to be on the same wavelength?

Josh is another player that I’m quite close to. As forward players we always look to encourage each other as our objective is the same. He’s unbelievable at what he does, he makes the most out of everything.

Sylfen (@Sylfen1) asks…

Q: What have you made of our fans so far?

They’re different class. They’ve been so supportive and so welcoming. It’s nice to be somewhere where I’m valued. It’s great to see the fans in Iraq loving it too. I got man of the match in my first game for the national team and its all taken off since then.

Pell’s Dynamite (@rudi_szn) asks…

Q: Who would you kiss, marry and kill out of Davison, Pell and Chislett?

I’m not kissing any of them! I’d marry Chissy and definitely kill Pelly! I’d just leave Josh out completely!

Pell’s Dynamite (@rudi_szn) asks…

Q: Nike or Adidas?

Nike. I’ve always worn it. My first pair of boots were tiempos.

MadameCholet (@PurpleDon1973) asks…

Q: Did you enjoy your time at Bromley?

It was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a player. We got to Wembley and beat Wrexham in the FA Trophy final. It was an unbelievable day with all the fans and my family. The gaffer there, Andy Woodman, helped me a lot with my development. I keep in touch with all of them.

latitudex-on-twitch (@sirn55844600) asks…

Q: What do you eat on a matchday?

It’s changed this year. I used to eat quite a lot on a matchday but it used to sit on my stomach quite a bit. I keep it light nowadays, I just have a porridge in the morning, a bowl of fruit and maybe some yogurt.

rdwon (@rdwon1) asks…

Q: What have you learned upon joining your new club?

I’ve learnt that every place has got its challenges and every place has its positives. It’s the same as any new place you go to – you use the first few weeks to gauge things. It’s been really good so far. It’s a bit chaotic for my personal life as I moved in the middle of the season. That’s a side that fans might not always see.

rdwon (@rdwon1) asks…

Q: What are your goals for the next five years?

I’m quite ambitious and I feel as players we need to be a bit more honest. It would be stupid for me to sit here and say that I want to play at this level for the rest of my career. I’m only 20, if I knuckle down and play well here it will give me a great platform. All of that’s a long way in the future, I’m just taking each day as it comes.

I want to give the fans something to get them off their seats because they spend their time and money to come and watch us. I want to make it worthwhile for them.

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