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Our brand new 25-year season ticket has just got even better. Not only does it guarantee you’ll watch every single one of our League games for a quarter of century, you could even make a profit on your investment.

Think of it this way: a promotion to the Championship or even the Premier League will dramatically increase the value of your ticket as season ticket prices increase – yours would stay the same. Even if we weren’t promoted, inflation would mean that season ticket prices will likely be higher in the future – possibly as much as double – as we’ve seen over the past 25 years.  This means that if you no longer need or want your ticket, you would be free, after 5 years, to sell the remaining term for a profit.

We’ve also added a single concession price to work better for fans, designed to make our 25-year season ticket unbeatable value.

Naturally, there is some small print. If you already qualify for an AFC Wimbledon concession, then you must still pay the full amount for your 25-year season ticket and then the credit will be applied to your account before the new season kicks off. This is designed to make it easier for you to transfer or sell your ticket in the future to someone who doesn’t qualify for a concession.

Below a table shows breakdown of all prices and the rebate you could be getting each season if you decide to claim:

Stand Adult Concession Non-debenture holder price 0% Yearly concession rebate Debenture holder price 5% Yearly concession rebate
Cappagh Stand Premium (West) £525 £350 £13,125 £175 £12,469 £166
Cappagh Stand Standard (West) £475 £315 £11,875 £160 £11,281 £152
Cappagh Stand South West Corner £450 £300 £11,250 £150 £10,688 £143
Movers Stand (South) £375 £250 £9,375 £125 £8,906 £119
Ry Stand Premium (East) £425 £285 £10,625 £140 £10,094 £133
Ry Stand Standard (East) £400 £265 £10,000 £130 £9,500 £128

Whether you sell your ticket to make a profit, or you simply enjoy all that cashback as a concession holder, there are so many advantages to owning one of our 25-year season tickets. Here’s a quick summary:

Keep it

Sit back, relax, and hang on to your ticket for the next quarter of a century. You’ll never have to worry about naturally rising ticket prices again as we continue on the club’s magnificent journey. You could be watching us play against the game’s biggest teams for the price you paid when we were still a League One club.

Allowing for inflation alone, we estimate the ticket will at least double in value over the next 25 years. And that’s not allowing for the fact that tickets will possibly rise in price as we rise through the divisions.

Transfer it

You can transfer your ticket to whoever you want – family or friends, for example – as either a gift, or perhaps something you leave in your will.

Gift it

You may even want to gift your ticket back to the Club or to our Foundation, who can use it as part of their wider community programme and help bring future generations into our stadium.

Invest it

As already mentioned, you can sell your ticket at anytime after 5 years. In fact, demand could be so hot, the club might even buy it back from you.