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Season ticket prices 2021/22

New stadium, new home - and a whole new range of season ticket opportunities! Our return to Plough Lane is one of the greatest events in our proud history and the demand for season tickets is going to be higher than ever.

We are back, we are home, we are Wimbledon - so check out all our exciting options, including new price points for different age groups. 



We are acutely aware that so many of you showed unbelievable loyalty last season when you selflessly committed to non-refundable season tickets – knowing the funds would help us survive, but also knowing the chance of seeing a game were remote. In fact, you have all received special certificates to thank you for your unwavering support.

Now, as a further sign of our gratitude, we are freezing our regular season ticket prices for next season – and everyone who bought a debenture last season will still be guaranteed a five per cent discount on top.

Season Ticket Prices

West Stand Premium £525 £350 £265 £120 £60
West Stand Standard £475 £315 £240 £110 £60
South West Corner £450 £300 £225 £105 £60
South Stand £375 £250 £190 £85 £60
East Stand Premium £425 £285 £215 £95 £60
East Stand Standard £400 £265 £200 £90 £60
Family Zone £400 £265 £200 £90 £40

Debenture Holders Season Ticket Prices

West Stand Premium £498.75 £332.50 £251.75 £114.00 £57.00
West Stand Standard £451.25 £299.26 £228.00 £104.50 £57.00
South West Corner £427.50 £285.00 £213.75 £99.75 £57.00
South Stand £356.25 £237.50 £180.50 £80.75 £57.00
East Stand Premium £403.75 £270.75 £204.25 £90.25 £57.00
East Stand Standard £380.00 £251.75 £190.00 £85.50 £57.00
Family Zone £380.00 £251.75 £190.00 £85.50 £38.00

*Concession pricing eligibility: over 65s, students, unemployed/benefits.

2021/22 Season Tickets Priority Groups

From Wednesday May 12 fans who have bought non refundable season tickets, non refundable season ticket plus debenture or debenture only will be able to renew their season tickets, purchase debentures and 25 years season tickets.

Fans will also have a priority window if they choose to move their seats to do so. Below are details of all dates and priority windows that all fans should familirise themselves with prior to the launch date.

Renewal Campaign: Fans who are current season ticket holders, debenture holders, season ticket plus debenture holders as well as 19/20 season ticket holders who have an allocated seat.

Live date: 12.05.2021

Priority window to move seats: 12.05.2021to 26.05.2021

Deadline to renew current seat: 18.07.2021


Between 15.05.2021 and 19.05.2021 ticket office will be closed due to the test event on May 18. Fans will still be able to renew their season tickets online.


Priority Group 1: Dons Trust Members

Live date: 27.05.2021

Priority window: 27.05.2021 to 02.06.2021 


Priority Group 2: Seedrs, Plough Lane Bond, PLC Shareholders

Live Date: 03.06.2021

Priority window: 03.06.2021 to 09.06.2021


General sale

Live date 10.06.2021


Please see below guide on how to renew your season tickets.

Log in to your ONLINE TICKETING account at:

On the home page you will see a clear message letting you know that your subscription renewal period is now open as per below image. To quickly proceed to your season ticket renewal simply click on CONSULT button.



On the next page you will see details of all of your reservations including reservations of your friends and family connections.

You can chose which tickets you would like to renew and pay for by simply ticking the boxes next to each reservation on the left hand side.

Once you have decided which tickets you will be renewing and paying for simply click on ADD TO CART button.


On the next screen you will have to confirm your delivery method and your address. If you address is correct press CONTINUE.

Next screen will show you details of all the tickets you are renewing and total amount that has to be paid.


Click on RENEW NOW button and you will be presented with 2 payment options.

You will be able to pay upfront by picking CREDIT CARD option (please note that you can pay with your standard debit or credit card)

You will also be able to split your payments by picking SEASON TICKET PAYMENT PLAN.


If you chose to pay by Season Ticket Payment plan the system will show you a breakdown of 8 payments. The first payment will have to be made today with the rest of the payments coming out your account automatically on the same day of each month going forward. A full payment schedule will be presented to you as per above image.

Once you PROCEED TO PAYMENT you will be asked to add in the card details you would like to pay with.

How to renew your season tickets

Online: If you are renewing your Season Ticket online, please familiarise yourself with our HOW TO RENEW guide. 

By phone: You can also renew your Season Ticket by calling our Ticket Office on 020 3988 7863. Ticket office will be open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

Email: fans can email with their ticketing enquries so that we can arrange a call back. 


Changing Tariffs or moving seats

Fans who would like to make changes to their tariffs or move seats they will have to contact our Ticket Office on 020 3988 7863.

Buying a Debenture or 25-years Season Ticket 

Fans who would like to buy a Debenture and claim 5% discount on their season ticket from this year or would like to purchase a 25-year season ticket will have to contact our Ticket Office on 020 3988 7863. 

5 year Season Ticket holders

Fans with remaining 5 year season ticket credit should get in touch with our Ticket Office to discuss their renewal options. 

5 years season ticket holders will be able to use their remaining credit to purchase their season ticket, add a debenture or buy 25-year season ticket.

Those fans will also have the ability to change seats.

Priority Groups and dates

We ask all fans to familisrise themselves with Season Tickets Priority Groups and booking windows before renewing or trying to buy.