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Club Officials

President: Dickie Guy

International President: Ananth S. Nathan

Life Vice Presidents: Iain McNay, Mike Richardson, Nick Robertson, Ivor Heller, Erik Samuelson, Eamon Razvi, John Lynch

Overseas Vice Presidents: John Green, and Gaurav Singhvi

Vice Presidents: Ian Cooke, Richard Downs, and Paul Shippam

AFC Wimbledon Chair: Mick Buckley

Managing Director: James Woodroof

Head of Football Operations: Craig Cope

Club Secretary: John Stanley

AFCW PLC Board Members: Mick Buckley, Michele Little, Graeme Price, Iain McNay, Nick Robertson, James Macdonald, Michele Gull, Dan Johnson.

Find out more about AFCW PLC.

Club departments and staff

Manager: Johnnie Jackson

Assistant Manager: Terry Skiverton

First-Team Coach: Rob Tuvey

Goalkeeping Coach: Ashley Bayes

Head of Recruitment & Performance Analysis: Tom Daws

Head of Sports Science: Chris McConnell

Head Physiotherapist: Bobby Bacic

Assistant Sports Therapist: Katy Bignell

Club Doctor: Dr Anup Sharma

Crowd Doctor: Dr Bhavesh Kumar

Kit Manager: Robin Bedford

Read more about our first team staff.

Head of Revenue, Operations and Ticketing: Bal Srai

Bal is responsible for strategy for maximising income from the stadium and ensuring delivery of its operations and ticketing.


Ticketing Operations Manager: Dominic Manto

Supporter Services Executive: Danielle Clavin

Receptionist: Mandy Archer


Head of Retail: Mat Haylock


Retail Assistant: Alfie Clements

On a matchday a number of volunteers help in the shop. Visit the online shop.

Returning tickets

if you aren't going to use your season ticket for a particular game, the Club would be extremely grateful for its return so it can be resold. To return tickets for resale please email:

For queries about disability tickets please contact

For general club enquiries please contact and your query will be passed to the most relevant person. On a matchday a number of volunteers help on reception.

Communications Manager: Chris Slavin

Chris oversees all football communications, writes all non-football content, and line manages the communications team.

Broadcasting Executive: Rob Cornell

Content Executive: Chris Thorpe

Chris manages the Club's social channels alongside producing fresh and engaging content in collaboration with first-team players and staff. 

Marketing Executive: Cameron Penfold

Please see the Matchday Media Operations list for further media roles performed on matchdays at the Club.

Matchday iFollow team: Michael Taliadoros and Rob Cornell

Programme Editors: Chris Thorpe and Chris Slavin


DonsTV: Stuart Deacons and Nick Draper

Stuart and Nick run the matchday show and provide support for live streaming events for the Club.

Matchday PA Broadcaster: Chris Phillips

If you would like an announcement on the PA at home games (e.g. a birthday), please email

Supporter Liaison Officers: Paul Raymond, Anuk Teasdale, Tim Hillier

Supporter Liaison Officers (SLOs) are a bridge between the fans and the club and help to improve the dialogue between the two sides. Their work is dependent on the information they receive from both sides and the credibility they enjoy with both parties.

The SLO informs fans about relevant decisions made by the club management and, in the other direction, communicates the points of view of fans to the club management.

The SLO builds relationships not just with various fan groups and initiatives but also with the police and security officers. The SLO engages with SLOs of other clubs before matches to contribute to supporters behave in accordance with security guidelines.


Find out more about the Supporter Liaison Officers


Head of Commercial: Andrew Stead

Andrew oversees the Club's commercial strategy, in addition to advertising and sponsorship, commercial partnerships, and matchday hospitality.

Commercial Manager and Hospitality: Pietro Palladino

Pietro oversees day to day commercial operations.

Business Development Executive: Alexander Glaister


On matchday a number of volunteers assist with hospitality operations.

Head of Human Resources: Anita Auch


Head of Finance: Laurie Hill

Finance Executive: Francoise Desroches and Jack Bernard


Stadium Manager: TBC

The Stadium Manager leads day to day operations of the stadium, including matchdays, health and safety and first aid.

Head of IT: Chris Mappley

Head of Security: Phil Clark

Phil ensures compliance with matchday ground regulations and oversight of stewards. He liaises with police and supporters' liaison officers on matchdays.


Night Security: Jason Hoath and Jack Clark

Head Groundsperson: Luke Bowden

Assistant Groundsperson: Adam Mackinney

Maintenance Technician: Nick Masters

Facilities Compliance Manager: Lucy Kennedy

Safeguarding Officer: Frank Thompson


To report an issue with the stadium please email

To report an abuse incident on a matchday please call or text the control room on 0770 464 9119. On a non-matchday please email

General Manager: Sophia Axelsson

Chair: David Growns

Secretary: Karen Hardy

Welfare Officer: Doruk Ahmet

First team manager: Kevin Foster

Chair: Daniel McShane

Vice Chair: Ryan Abdool

Secretary: Sam Abdool

Head of Welfare: Natasha Wood

Assistant Welfare Officer: Doruk Ahmet

Media Officer: Ashleigh Husbands

AFC Wimbledon Foundation Registered Charity number 1154198

Chair: Jenny Scott

Jenny chairs the Board of Trustees for the AFC Wimbledon Foundation charity.

Director: Philip Rudling


Fundraising Lead: Paul Munroe

The Foundation's goal is to help our community pursue their dreams by improving their skills, resilience, well-being and confidence throw Grow, Thrive and Boost.

To enquire about the Foundation please email

Queries about activities including holiday courses please email

The Wimbledon in Sporting History Trust Registered Charity number 1195829 registered museum I-112603

Managing Director and Vice Chair of WiSH Board: John Lynch

Head of Operations: Rhys Torrington

Head of Marketing: Peter Leng

Head of Volunteering: Chris Hutchinson

Museum Manager: Rebecca Hamlin

Head of Wimbledon Old Players Association: Mick Pugh

Head of Finance: Gerry Hever

Chair of WiSH Board: Michael Padmanathan

WiSH inspires visitors through sporting history. It safeguards, curates, celebrates and showcases Wimbledon’s sporting heritage and cultural stories in both physical and digital formats.

WiSH has 24 volunteers.

Disability Liaison Officer / Supporter Liaison: Mandy Bynon

Leads on club D&I initiatives including Level Playing Field and the EFL Equality Code of Practice.


Head of Golden Goals: Patrick Peel-Barnard

Overseeing the golden goals initiative and the group of volunteers who sell golden goal tickets.


Head of Programme Sellers: Mark Lewis

Volunteer Officer: Rick Thomas


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