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#AskJosh: Fan Questions

Number nine answers our supporters

2 September 2022


#AskJosh: Fan Questions

Number nine answers our supporters

2 September 2022

It’s back! This time Josh Davison was the man in the chair, as he discussed sausage sandwiches, shampoo and strike partnerships, in a wide-ranging interview.

We put the request out for your questions on Twitter earlier this week, with plenty of you responding in your droves, meaning Josh was kept on his toes when we caught up with him after training on Thursday afternoon.

You can read the full transcript of our interview with Josh down below, whilst you can watch it via our official YouTube channel.

Sylfen (@Sylfen) asks…

Q: Do you think Wimbledon have the best fans in the league?

Yeah! Great fanbase. I’ve spoken to fans after and before games – it’s all positive and they’re good people.

ms 2x (@AFCW_Kimis) asks…

Q: What are your targets for the season?

Goals wise – my target is to get around the 20 mark, that would be nice. You’ll be up there normally if you get around that number.

Max Rowley (@MaxRowley19) ask…

Q: Who do you think are the best three players in the team?

That’s a tough question! There’s some good players. Technically, Paris (Maghoma), he’s up there. Coombesy (Nathan Young-Coombes) is good, I like playing with him, he always finds a pass when he drops in. Chissy (Ethan Chislett) is also very good with the ball at his feet.

chris. (@ChrisOraa) asks…

Q: How good is it to have a strike partner like NYC next to you?

We complement each other well don’t we! It’s always good to have him alongside me and I’m enjoying it. It’s always good to have healthy competition between us, we push each other all the time.

Ben weygang (@benweygang) asks…

Q: What shampoo do I need to use to get my man bun as good as yours?

I knew a hair question would come up! I don’t have a preference! I use my girlfriend’s shampoo – she buys it, I use it.

The h (@ht123ht1234) asks…

Q: What team did you support when growing up and why?

I support Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur). I grew up around North London and my family all support them. It’s always been my team. The old White Hart Lane had a much better atmosphere than the new one.

The h (@ht123ht1234) also asks…

Q: What is the best ever kit you’ve owned or worn?

I really like the orange Barcelona kit from back in the day, when (Lionel) Messi broke the goalscoring record. That was a proper good kit. Colourful, eye-catching and I had Messi on the back!

The h (@ht123ht1234) also asks…

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve witnessed on an away day?

When I was at Charlton I played against Millwall away and that was a crazy atmosphere. After the game we got locked in the stadium for about an hour. We weren’t allowed to leave because it was all kicking off.

GeorgeAFC (@Georgej57347517) asks…

Q: What’s one thing you would like to achieve with Wimbledon?

Promotion. That’s what you want.

Latitude-on-twitch (@sirn55844) asks…

Q: Who is your idol and do you implement their play in yours?

Harry Kane. Good striker, one of the best in the world for me. I like to watch him before I play. On a Friday night I’ll watch a bit of him and it gives me inspiration.

Wombles had a Dream Podcast (@WomblesDream) asks…

Q: If you could pick any striker to play with, who would it be?

Him (Harry Kane)! I’m quite quick, So I think if Harry Kane is in the pocket and I’m in behind, I’d get a few goals. He can do both.

TallMLWomble (@MIWomble) asks…

Q: How is JJ as Wimbledon manager different to JJ the Charlton manager?

Not really. It’s the same messages, standards, stuff like that. He’s very on it when it comes to keeping the dressing room good. That’s what you want from the manager.

TallMLWomble (@MIWomble) also asks…

Q: Red sauce or brown sauce on your sausage sandwich?

Sausage sarnie… got to be red sauce!

mint mocha (@mintmocha736450) asks…

Q: Are you related to Gareth Bale?

I’ve had that shout a few times to be fair, it’s the man bun. That or Andy Carroll.

TallMLWomble (@MIWomble) also asks…

Q: Will you lose your football skills if you cut your hair?

Yeah – the power is in the ponytail! I went bald in lockdown and I’ve grown it ever since then. It’s been two and a half years now.

Hudlin’s Massive (@rudi_szn) asks…

Q: Why are Wimbledon the best team in the EFL?

Where do you start! The stadium, the fans, the way we play – we’re up there.

Hudlin’s Massive (@rudi_szn) also asks…

Q: Who’s the best player you’ve played with/against?

Conor Gallagher is the best I have played with. When he was on loan at Charlton you could tell (he would play higher). He scored goals and he would run the most on the pitch every game. He was top notch.

As for against – I played Arsenal in a friendly and (Alexandre) Lacazette really stood out. He scored a couple of goals and was unplayable that day.

Tom (@Tom_C09) asks…

Q: Messi or Ronaldo?

I hate that question! I think they’re both in a league of their own. I like (Cristiano) Ronaldo because he’s a complete goalscoring machine. But technically Messi is on a different planet.

Conor Sheridan (@conorsheridan21) asks…

Q: Crisp in or crisp out?

Crisp sandwiches were nice as a kid. I don’t mind them at all.

Tim Probert (@TimProbert) asks…

Q: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Horse-sized duck… that scares me you know! That’s a scary thought. I think a 100 duck-sized horses. I’d rather go for that.

Tim Probert (@TimProbert) also asks…

Q: How would you react if you were transformed into an orangutan?

An orangutan? How does anyone react to that?! I don’t know how to answer that!

RB (@boyceyyyy) asks…

Q: Is there any butter that’s better than Lurpak?

Nah, I use Lurpak as well, it’s a good choice!

mint mocha (@mintmocha736450) also asks…

Q: Why are you so good?

That’s a compliment. So I’ll take that!

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